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Sparta helps sales teams run better sales competitions, that light up the sales floor with excitement, competitive spirit and momentum.

Better sales results start with more focused,
energized and competitive salespeople

Here at Sparta, we're passionate about helping sales teams drive organic revenue growth and reach their potential, by creating world-class sales culture, focusing on transparency, competitiveness and self-improvement.

Drive transparency, energy and a winner-culture inside your team. Recognise the top performers and visualise the results in real time.

  • Run multiple competitions
  • Team-based competitions
  • Email notifications
  • Daily update emails
  • Chat feed with @mentions
  • Mobile optimized
  • TV mode
  • Reporting and insights

Unlock your sales team's true potential

Sparta brings a powerful and exciting experience to all platforms, with one piece of software, containing everything you need to get your sales team achieving more.

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Drive transparency and accountability

We all know salespeople are competitive. Take the competitive spirit to the next level by making everyone more accountabile with real-time and always up-to-date leaderboards.

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Reward performance - in real time

We all know, "the best time to close another deal is right after closing a deal". Sparta rewards good performance and sales behaviours and provide your reps with real-time feedback. Think of us like a personal trainer for your salespeople!

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Drive your own KPI's

Sparta is flexible - so you can drive whichever KPI's are relevant for your business. Whether it's booking meetings, sending offers, calling CEO's or even knocking on doors - you can drive it, and increase it with Sparta.

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See the big picture

Powerful analytics and data insights lets you see the big picture. Figure out where there is room for improvement, and measure your team's development along the way.

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Email and SMS notifications

Keep the momentum and excitement up, with customizable email and SMS notifications to let everyone know when something exciting happens on the sales floor. John overtook Sally? John wants you to know about it!

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Quantify your progress

Track progress towards goals and milestones, on both a team and individual level. Remember, "merely measuring something has an uncanny tendency to improve it".

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We increased our sales results with an amazing 40% after switching to Sparta for our cross-country competitions.

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The results from our sales organisation have increased with 100%. Sparta takes sales competitions to a whole new level!

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Sparta helps us build a sales culture of collaboration, winning and most importantly, having fun. It's a must-have for sales teams!

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We were looking for an effective way to boost our results and morale via sales competitions. We couldn’t be happier with Sparta!

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Sparta gives us a simple tool to manage competitions that increase sales results as well as motivation levels.

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We have increased results by 12% with Sparta and we have a much stronger sales culture throughout the company.

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Guide to Running Successful Sales Competitions

In our extensive guide, we'll walk you through the basics of setting up effective sales competitions and give you plenty of great tips on how to get the most out of your sales team by tapping into the natural competitive spirit of sellers!

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Why Sales Gamification is here to stay in 2014

Traditional methods of motivating sales people won't be as effective in 2014. Gamification is real, it's powerful and it's here to stay. Learn how you can take your sales results to the next level by using gamification and leaderboards!

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3 Keys to Running Successful Sales Competitions

If not executed properly, sales competitions can be time consuming and hurt company culture. We've distilled all of our experience and produced the 3 key elements of every successful sales competition.

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