Today, I wanted to just publish the 3 questions that I always ask myself before launching a new competition. I recommend printing these out and pinning them on your desk – they truly will help you save time by running better competitions and driving better results and a more engaged sales force! Of course, if you are using Sparta’s web based competition platform, these expectations and questions are a part of your ideation and creation process.

3 questions you must ask yourself before starting any sales competition: 

  1. Why are we running this competition, what problem are we trying to solve?
  2. What messages will this competition send to our staff, and is this the type of behavior we want to encourage?
  3. How else can we solve the problem, and what other strategies can be implemented in conjunction with a competition to make sure we hit these goals?

–> Simply asking yourself these 3 questions will get you thinking more deeply about your goals and objectives – which should lead to a more effective competition.


Written by

James Pember
CEO Sparta, gamification & performance management technology for the world's biggest and most-loved enterprise brands.Passionate about performance. Passionate about helping companies drive change. Love the intersection of behaviour, business, psychology and technology. One-time marathon finisher (probably won't try again).