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In this 20 page e-book, you’ll learn the 3 keys to driving organic sales growth inside your organisation
As a sales leader, your #1 priority is to increase the results and output of your sales team. Now, the most cost-effective and sustainable way to achieve that, is to drive organic sales growth, i.e. get more out of the sales people you already have.

What drives organic sales growth?

I’ll give you a clue, it’s not smarter CRM software, prospecting tools, lead scoring, pipeline management or marketing automation. Now, I’m not against these technologies, in fact I use most of them myself. Smarter sales-efficiency-tech is good, but turning good salespeople into great salespeople requires something different altogether.

In order to drive epic sales growth, you need to nurture the most important resource you have — your sales people. This 20 page e-book will give you three concrete ways to increase organic sales growth within your organisation.

Included in the free e-book:

  • 20+ pages full of sales management tips
  • An explanation to why CRM techology isn’t always the key to sales growth
  • 3 concrete ways to drive organic sales growth


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James Pember
CEO Sparta, gamification & performance management technology for the world's biggest and most-loved enterprise brands.Passionate about performance. Passionate about helping companies drive change. Love the intersection of behaviour, business, psychology and technology. One-time marathon finisher (probably won't try again).