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To answer the above question, you need to really define what a “star” is. The problem that many organisations face is that their “stars” i.e. their top performers are not necessarily the “best” people inside an organisation. We’ve all met the “Maverick” sales star who tops the leaderboard every month, but doesn’t necessarily reflect the values or culture of a company.

And nowadays we KNOW that, culture is the #1 thing you need to build a high performing, high growth sales organisation. And what culture is is what people actually do all day. What behaviours do they exhibit, what actions do they take. Having a unified, measurable culture helps you recruit better, helps you train better and helps you drive people to be better.

Now culture is everything that people do – taking care of customers and maintaining high customer satisfaction, it can be being collaborative with colleagues and investing their own time in helping others succeed. It can be even more granular things like having a high hit rate, so that the company isn’t burning too many leads.

The thing is – every company has “things” that they WANT people to do, and WAYS they want people to be.

In my view, a sales star is someone who can balance the two. They can be a high performer and crush their targets – whilst still doing the things that the company values.

If you want to hear me ramble on for an hour more about this – check out the podcast below I featured on recently. We had a great chat and touched on motivation, what drives people to get out of bed and do good work, the science of high performance sales and how to build a future proofed sales organisation.



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