E.ON is one of the world’s largest electric utility service providers, which today operates in over 30 countries and serves over 33 million customers. In 2014, the company adopted a new strategy based around sustainable renewable energy and better serving the customers needs. For any global enterprise to successfully transform their company and adopt a new strategy, significant behavioural and cultural is always needed.

E.ON has successfully implemented Sparta within it’s sales organisation, with the aim of facilitating cultural, behavioural and performance changes to align with the new strategy. The results have been fantastic.

Since we started using Sparta, it has become even more clear to me how important it is to work with building strong sales culture. Sparta helps us recognise, engage and motivate our salespeople and partners. In terms of returns, Sparta has been a huge success – we delivered 113% of our budget during the first three months of this year, whilst still focusing on our strategic goals of sustainability and a great customer experience. Sparta was a strong contributing factor to these improvements.

Patrik Pramberg – Channel Manager (Field B2B/SME) – E.ON

Patrik Pramberg EON


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James Pember
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