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Getting Started

User and Accounts

Creating Competitions

Extending Sparta

Using the Leaderboard


Getting Started: What kinds of sales teams can use Sparta?

Sparta is a very flexible platform, that allows customers to track the KPI’s and metrics that are important to their team. With that in mind, Sparta can work for inside, outside and field sales teams alike. Whatever drives business for your organiastion, you can track it in Sparta!

Getting Started: What kinds of competitions can I run?

We’ve designed Sparta to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. When you set up a competition – you can track whichever metrics are important to you. In saying that, most teams run competitions that drive behaviors/activities (pitches, meetings, proposals, deals) or specific products.

Getting Started: Does Sparta work on all devices?

Yes! Because Sparta is a fully responsive web application, it will work on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Getting Started: What does Sparta cost?

View our pricing page.

Getting Started: How do I get started?

Book your demo now!

Getting Started: What are the recommended system requirements?

Sparta works on any modern browser. However, to be more specific. Sparta works best on the most recent versions of:

Some features may not be supported on older versions of these browsers, or on browsers not listed above.

User and Accounts:I’ve forgotten my password? How do I reset it?

If you’ve forgotten your password to Sparta, simply visit this link and enter your email. You’ll then be emailed a reset password link.

User and Accounts:I want to invite a colleague to Sparta, how do I do that?

If you want to invite an admin to your Sparta account, you can do that from your Manage Organization page. Navigate to that page from the Settings drop down.

If you’d like to add a regular user to your team, first create a competition and then send them the generated invitation link.

Creating Competitions: Information

For a more extensive guide to creating sales competitions on Sparta, view this guide: http://blog.spartasales.com/guide-to-creating-a-sparta-sales-competition

Extending Sparta: How can I setup Sparta for use on my external monitor or TV screen?

If you’d like to show your Sparta leaderboards on your monitor or TV screen, you have 3 options:

  • Connect a computer to the TV via an HDMI or DVI cable. All TV’s will have one of these ports.
  • If you have a Smart TV, simply navigate to the Sparta application from the in-built web browser.
  • If you don’t want to connect one of your computers to the TV screen, you can purchase a small media box to continuously view Sparta on your TV screen. We use (and recommend) a Chromebox. They’re inexpensive and a guide to setting it up can be found here.

Once you have everything connected, make sure you toggle the Sparta TV Mode on the bottom left hand side of your competition leaderboard.

Using the Leaderboard: I want to change my score, or remove an activity from the leaderboard. How do I do that?

From the competition leaderboard, simply view the Log (located next to the chat feed), hover over the activity you wish to remove, and click the red cross button.

Admins can remove activities on behalf of all users, and regular users can remove activities that they have registered themselves.

Using the Leaderboard: I accidently joined the wrong team, how do I fix that?

You can now move participants into different teams, if they accidently join the wrong team or if you want to switch things up amongst the teams. This is done from the Competition Edit page.